Siberia -80°C X-Tremely Slim White Dry Snus


Siberia X-Tremely Slim White Dry Snus is a very strong tobacco-based snus.

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Siberia -80 Degrees Slim White Dry Snus is just as the can implies: extremely strong. The taste and strength are like the other snus in the Siberia family but there is a little hint of mint flavour along with some dark tobacco. The taste is distinct and sharp, but even with the burning sensation there is at the same time a balanced cooling feeling, providing a perfect snus experience.

The difference for this particular portion snus is that the pouches are slim. They are already very soft and comfortable and not as dry as other white dry snus may be. The pouches adjust perfectly under your lip and are not noticeable to those around you but very noticeable for user with the biting sensation of strong snus and minty tobacco flavour. The pouches also have a low moisture content which reduces the drip.

The manufacturer, GN Tobacco, has a large collection of different brands. They have made a huge impact on the snus market with their high nicotine snus. Contains Tobacco, water, saline, aromas, humectants (E1520), acidity regulators (E501). Note: these are now shipping in plain packaging.

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